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February 2018: Exercises for healthy feet and toes

So when did you last think about the health of your feet and the investments that you are making for their future? You might think such a question is more relevant to your bank balance than to the bottom of your legs but allow me to suggest otherwise. Your feet ...

healthy posture, Healthy toes and feet
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January 2018: Falling safely

January has arrived once more and along with it, the extremes of either icy ground or wet mud under our feet. I think regardless of age and ability the thought that runs through our minds when stepping out into these conditions is, "be careful not to fall". Taking sensible precautions such ...

Falling, Prepare your body
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December 2017 Ups and downs of looking after your body

As the year reaches its end, it's an opportunity to reflect on the themes of my 2017 blogs and the ups and downs of keeping our bodies more healthy, strong, fit and flexible. If you are immediately thinking that you've made some positive changes, however small and you're sticking to ...

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, Maintaining energy, Motivation for exercise
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November Back stretches

The November chill is upon us and with it the inevitable responsive hunching of our bodies. This repeated reflex results in stiffer joints and tighter muscles putting us more at risk of strain and injury. Conversely if we are proactive and repeatedly lengthen our spines and stretch our bodies for ...

back pain, Stay healthy in winter, Stiffness, Strains and sprains
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Living with low energy levels

Do you ever catch yourself wondering how it is that there are all these Uberhumans with their healthy looking bodies and their get up and go that hasn’t got up and gone, packing every spare moment with highly energised adventures while you hold your head in your hands and dream ...

Maintaining energy, mind and body refresh, stretch out
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July blog 2017 MOVE . YOUR . BODY .

This is me and I'm reflecting on my three-year anniversary since commencing my blog. As I reflected, comparisons between how I address writing my blogs and how exercise and the ease with which we adopt (or not) a regular exercise regime, tumbled into my head. First tumble. Truth be told it ...

little and often, Maintain a healthy lifestyle, Motivation for exercise, simply move
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June blog 2017 – Balance: How Good is yours?

It's the wind that prompted me to choose this month's topic. Very blowy. As it whipped up a strong gust I could feel myself grounding my body more firmly through my feet and drawing strength from my abdominal muscles to hold myself up. In doing so I wondered how many ...

balance, confidence, strength
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May 2017 Headaches and migraines; how to ease the pain.

Headaches and migraines can be the bane of our lives if you are unlucky enough to be a sufferer. The reason so many people suffer is because there is more that is unknown about the causes than is known and therefore it is difficult to pinpoint a pain relieving solution. It ...

be ready, Headaches and migraines, healthy posture, neck, stretch out
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March 2017 Strengthen your whole body with plank exercises.

The colours are beginning to peep above the ground and hints of green are tentatively emerging in the hedgerows. Spring is now well in reach and with it, the hope of better things to come. So on that cheery note, leap aboard the gravy train and take that bold move ...

Beginners plank, Core strengthening, little and often, Plank progression
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February Blog! Stay motivated to exercise when it’s cold and damp!

Picture the scene. It's grey and wet and cold and miserable outside and it's warm and snug and dry and comfortable right where you are. You know full well you should find some get up and go to clear the cobwebs but you discover your get up and go has ...

Miserable weather, Motivation for exercise, Stay healthy in winter
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